Why offset your business?

By installing a green roof on your own buildings, or by funding one of your choice, you will be making a ‘green statement’ about your business for all the World to see.

Concerned about the cost of ‘going green’ now?

You could be entitled to 80% tax relief on your Company’s energy bill:

e.g. A medium size Company employing 500 people can save £100,000 a year, tax, on their electricity, gas, coal and LPG bill.

This saving can be used to finance a green roof and many other energy saving technologies which will, in turn, save even more money by reducing your energy costs in the first place. Find out more click here

Concerned about the Carbon Reduction Commitment in the future?

If you are a supermarket or hotel chain; an office based corporation; a government department or a large local authority, then your emissions will be included in this mandatory emissions trading scheme.

Installing green roofs in 2008 will put your Company in the best possible position when this scheme starts in January 2010. Find out more click here.


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What is Carbon Offsetting?
By funding a project which absorbs carbon emissions, and reduces their harmful environmental effects, your own unavoidable emissions will be ‘offset‘.

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