Q. How can a green roof help my business image?

Install a green roof on your own business buildings and you could enjoy energy savings, greater staff well-being and a visible statement of your commitment to improving the environment. Contribute to a green roof project and you could also enjoy the positive PR Benefits associated with the 'green statement' your company is making.

Q. How does a green roof offset carbon emissions?

As well as absorbing carbon dioxide directly during the day, 1,000m2 green roof will also start to offset 4.9 tonnes of carbon emissions a year, every year, from the day it’s installed because of its insulating effect which saves carbon emissions from heating and air conditioning.

Q. How does it save energy costs?

Because of the insulating effect of a green roof it’s not only carbon emissions which are reduced but
fuel bills too: Typical electricity saving = £5.20 / m2 / year.

Q. What about drainage?

Annual run-off from roofs is reduced by up to 70% which contributes to urban drainage and flood alleviation schemes. Release following heavy rainfall is also slowed, reducing the problems
associated with storm surges.

The Environment Agency highlighted the use of green roofing in May 2003: ‘Sustainable Drainage Systems, (SUDS), an introduction’.

Q. How does a green roof attract bio-diversity?

A green roof makes an ideal environment for rare invertebrates and other wildlife. Depending on the scale and nature of your green roof project, you could expect to encourage butterflies, ladybirds and even some ground-nesting birds such as skylarks.

Q. How does a green roof affect quality of life?

Green roofs contribute to a greener urban environment and quality of life for communities, particularly those in high density developments where there may be little room for gardens, trees or parks. Green roofs effectively increase the green area and cool the local environment by as much as 5’C.



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What is Carbon Offsetting?
By funding a project which absorbs carbon emissions, and reduces their harmful environmental effects, your own unavoidable emissions will be ‘offset‘.

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