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Green roofs contribute to a greener urban environment and quality of life for communities, particularly those in high density developments where there may be little room for gardens, trees or parks. Green roofs effectively increase the green area AND cool the local environment by as much as 5°C.

Climate change is a challenge facing every one of us. Our responsibility starts with measuring our harmful emissions, or carbon footprint. There's lots of advice available on how to reduce our footprint, but inevitably there's always some emissions left. That's where carbon offsetting projects can help. Green roof projects in the community help with achieving this goal, creating appealing, healthy and sustainable enviroments for local people and wildlife to enjoy.

Green roofs provide a valuable and visible educational message to young people in local communities, raising their awareness of climate change and the positive steps that can be taken to combat it.

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What is Carbon Offsetting?
By funding a project which absorbs carbon emissions, and reduces their harmful environmental effects, your own unavoidable emissions will be ‘offset‘.

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